Rev. 7/29/2021

EWUMC preschool is committed to provide a safe and nurturing environment during these uncertain times. We are following all CDC, Los Angeles County Health Department, and State of California Community Cre Licensing requirements and Covid-19 protocols for Child Care facilities.

All parents were given a copy of our protocols upon enrollment and it is posted on our website.

Assumption of Risk and Waiver of Liability forms were given to each family and staff member.

Parents are allowed in the classrooms as long as they are wearing a mask, after they sign-in/sign-out their child at the kiosk. Children will be given a health screening (and temperature taken) before their child can be accepted for care in the morning.

Hand sanitizer is available for adults to use at the school entrance.

Appropriate signage is placed in appropriate areas include: handwashing signs in the children’s and staff restrooms and staff lounge, cough and sneeze etiquette signs in all classrooms with a box of tissues (at children’s eye level), Covid-19 symptoms signs at parents sign-in/sign-out table.

All playground equipment (swings, climbers, tricycles, Kozi cars, wagons, train table and outside tables, playhouse, etc.) are sprayed with sanitizer first thing in the morning and after each recess time, with time in between for the sanitizer to dry.

Sanitation supplies are provided to all staff members and rubber gloves to be worn when using sanitizer. Sanitizing protocols given to each staff member.

All children over the age of two, staff, and parents coming onto the school campus MUST wear a face covering. Children and staff do not need to wear their face covering at recess, meal times, and children will not wear their masks at naptime.

All children and staff are required to bring their own water bottles; however we have water pitchers and disposable cups in each classroom.

Children napping will nap with their cots spaced 6 feet apart. If they cannot be spaced 6 ft. apart, then a minimum of 3 feet is required between cots and the children will be placed head-toe-head-toe so no child’s face will face another child’s face.

Classroom windows and doors are kept open as much as possible (weather permitting) to have fresh air ventilation. During excessive heat waves, we are using the air conditioners.

All staff members were given a copy of required protocols to follow until further notice.

EWUMC has the right to change any protocol upon changes made by the LA County Health Department, State of California Department of Health, State of California Community Care Licensing, and the CDC.

Thank you,
Carol Garcia