When you hear the term “annual conference,” it could be referring to any one of three things. The annual conference is a regional body, an organizational unit AND a yearly meeting. East Whittier is part of the California-Pacific Conference. This body is led by a bishop.

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Groups of churches in a geographic area are organized to form a district, somewhat similar to the way cities and towns are organized into counties. Often, churches in a district will work together to provide training and mission opportunities.

Each district is led by a district superintendent (“DS”), an elder appointed by the bishop, usually for a six-year term. The DS oversees the ministry of the district’s clergy and churches, provides spiritual and pastoral leadership, works with the bishop and others in the appointment of ordained ministers to serve the district’s churches, presides at meetings of the charge conference, and oversees programs within the district. East Whittier is part of the East District.

Bishop: Reverend Doctor Grant John Hagiya

District Superintendent: Melissa MacKinnon

Administrative Secretary: Karen Britten

918 North Euclid Ave
Ontario, CA 91762

(909) 984-7100, (909) 984-5200

Fax: (909) 984-5800

Email: eastdistrict@calpacumc.org